About the Book

Discover The Paradox of Civilization — one of many concepts from The Great Correction.

Most of us were taught to believe the narrative that after several thousand years of human development, we are at the pinnacle of progress—our achievements in the arts and sciences stand as glorious testaments to that narrative.

However, the economic turmoil, health issues, religious conflict, poverty, environmental destruction, political gridlock and corporate controlled media around the world does little to support this narrative of man’s glory and progress.

What if the last several thousand years of human history have actually been a period of monumental decline and failure as a species instead?

Consider the possibility that the world you see today reflects thousands of years of massive mistakes, crimes, and lies. Therefore much of what people have been taught in key areas of human life is dead wrong.

If you can consider these possibilities, welcome to The Great Correction!

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This timely, thought provoking book is arguably the most important philosophical work of the 21st Century!

The Great Correction offers a simple, yet powerful framework for truly understanding why the world is in its current state, our true nature as human beings, and ways to fix our individual and collective problems.

It offers profound new perspectives at a time when humanity has largely lost its way.

If you are a genuine truth seeker and capable of venturing beyond the confines of erroneous traditional and modern beliefs, this book will give you the answers you’ve been searching for.

Discover groundbreaking concepts like:

  • The Paradox of Civilization 
  • The Paradox of Popular Belief, 
  • The Illusion of Progress, and 
  • much more!