By: Kimberly Gutowski MD Candidate, Latin American School of Medicine

There comes a fascinating and challenging time in the lives of all thinking, reasoning, reflective human beings in which we have a solid grasp of what we do not think, believe, or accept to be representative of our perception of the world around us.  At the same time, we require guidance to reach the next level of understanding of what we do think, believe, and accept, allowing us to clarify our role in society and ascertain our potential contribution to stopping its decay and promoting its growth.  I reached this point last year, and the Great Correction has provided the philosophical and practical framework in which I can heal, learn, and grow in order to work to heal and build in my local and global community.

It seems that, for a myriad of reasons that are identified and deconstructed in the Great Correction, we as humans have lost the most essential capacity to identify the truth and allow it to guide our thoughts, actions and policies – this is the underlying principle of this great work, and the simply beautiful tenet that allows for a necessary paradigmatic shift to occur in its readers.  Throughout this two-volume text, the reader is reminded of the wisdom of our ancestors, the intelligence of nature, and the supremacy of divinity, and once established and embraced, the work of translating that understanding into positive change for the world begins.

If you are willing to stretch your emotional, spiritual, and cognitive capacities, potentially abandoning some of your most highly regarded and personally guarded beliefs in order to become closer to truth and goodness, you should read the Great Correction, comprehend its teachings, and internalize its message.  I have, and though at first the change that it brings to your life can be uncomfortable due to the depth of its insight and the strength of its transformative power, I can honestly say that I am a more informed, more understanding, and more complete individual because of it.


By: Chigozie N. Chuku, MD

I would like to begin my review assisting those who should not read this book.  Anyone whose status, title or commitment to ideas, causes or beliefs that will not permit critical review and examination of those entities, should not read this book.  In other words, if the idea of engaging an alternative perspective that challenges your current understanding and the commitment you made to it unsettles you and puts you on defense or causes you default to ignorance, The Great Correction (TGC) is not for you.

Now, if you are prepared for considerable auto-examination, study and expansion of how you consider information, TGC is a tremendous resource on the journey to understanding the world we live in today. It poses critiques and offers the opportunity to reassess everything you have been taught about history, politics, religion, social structure, journalism and much more.  A challenge that I experienced as I read this book is that I realized terms such as “open-minded” and “forward thinking” are relative, because in true consideration of an argument about any topic requires skills that are not commonplace today.  One must have or work to acquire the ability to receive a new viewpoint, follow its logic, compare it to what you understand and really try to see how it works.  It is more common to go with the flow, following whatever is popular at the moment while making sure to not rock the boat, which doesn’t require much energy or skill at all.

TGC is a great start to understanding how we got to this point and it provides tools that can be employed in the effort to make the changes we want to see in our world in a very practical way.  As we are in the age of information it is imperative to be able to tell right from wrong and differentiate truth from falsehood or we will continue to contribute to the misery we are all suffering from, because in absence of those vital skills, we can only operate from a place of ignorance.  Learn to do the work required to substantiate what you believe.  I appreciate The Great Correction for its critical analysis of our world and its inherent challenge for me to do the same.


By: Patrick Gwao

Why am I here? What is the meaning and purpose of life? What in fact is actually the truth? These questions have plagued humanity since the dawn of time…. So how do we resolve these seemingly insolvable preponderances? Why is the world so crazy? What’s really going on? Every question can be answered, but a simple answer does not suffice, and only sparks thousands of additional questions. I am just one man with one perspective. Where does one begin? Why was I born into this world, to do what exactly? I certainly did not plan it. I was conceived out of confusion–out of a desire for love. The lesson is always love. The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry, lifetime after lifetime. I would like to see the world change. Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” Wake up and ACT NOW… before all is lost.

The mode of attack is divide and conquer- united we stand and divided we fall. We either hang together or hang separately. It’s time for humanity to make its choice- at the moment humanity is just a potential waiting to be realized. Will we evolve or perish? Grow up or die? We are clearly stuck in a vicious cycle; we must break it now- or never. We are all one human family, what we have in common is each other and the planet. These are the ultimate questions I am asking myself.

This book is the golden and hidden key that will unlock all your doubts and provide the most honest interpretation and has tried to get to the bottom of History, Religion, Politics, Science, Economics, and Journalism which ignites those questions I have mentioned earlier. It also offers a balanced perspective about life in its complete and honest form. I think the importance of reading this book is that you will like yourself because it will explain and clear up most of the things that has happened in the past.

This book is easy to understand. It uses simple vocabularies that will help each reader to really understand its content. On a deeper note, I recommend everybody to grab this book and start to read. You will later realize that most of the things you have been taught about religion, history, and politics are wrong. It will also be a challenge because your past knowledge will have to be corrected or replaced. The knowledge you will read in this book is totally rare and you hardly hear anyone speak about it. My personal experience was that I made a few explanations from what I read from this book to my colleagues and they asked me where I got this knowledge from and I told them to read this book. It was written purposely for everyone, in my opinion, because we are all seeking the truth. Rebirth.


By: Donte Kelly

When you’re defaulted to a societal position where you realize that you endure unnecessary disparities, you begin to realize others’ misfortunes, which usually are traced back to a common etiology. This common factor has led to a displacement of life’s course on our planet. The abundance that has been endowed to us on earth mirrors that which exist when you look into the night sky. Despite this surplus
we still have those that hoard, deceive, afflict, and disregard for their own benefit or without knowing. Which leaves one to ask what the hell is going on. The pinnacle to sincerely question who one is, the conditions of their environment and the part they play in it is one that some never reach in their lifetime. That’s why I’ve found that several of my thoughts and ideas about life coincide with a number of teachings within TGC, which outlines this imperative.

I appreciate that history is contextualized, throughout different eras of time. TGC gives authenticated accounts of unbeknown historical events, which becomes apparent as you read were not intended for the masses to learn at any level of mainstream academia. TGC helps me realize, that because we have been disconnected from truth, we all have our own pace and experience at which effort is required to return to an enlightened state, from which we originate. My reward from this reading? My spiritual consciousness has been amplified. We are all one, governed by divine law, a genuine order that transcends all life. The loss of understanding that all realms of life remain connected through order and the way we live out that misunderstanding here places us in our current decline.

Though religions and belief systems are a topic of critique in TGC and are diligently analyzed from their first known origins until their modern day practices, it is taught that one must not give up their religion all together to remain balanced, but one must challenge all contradictions between the teachings of the sect and the applications by any of its followers to daily life. TGC teaches us to take responsibility for our own thoughts, decisions, behaviors, as well as their results. It also serves as a foundation in which one can begin to challenge the status quo, exercise real creativity and realize that any change desired starts from within. We still have a chance to correct our current freefall by shifting into a direction of elevation and true civilization. Humble yourself. Revolutionize your thought. TGC is a perfect place to begin.